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How can we trust the web store that we order from?

NetShopper is a pioneer in online shopping and can provide you with the accurate and right advice on any web store, to prevent fraud and theft of identity.


What credit card should I use to buy online?

Most US and International web stores do not accept foreign credit card, NS can help you with its shopping assistant to buy your goods on your behalf using the most trusted payment tools: PayPal, US and International credit cards with confirmed  billing addresses for verification of payments.


When will I receive my order in Lebanon?

We ship regularly every Friday from USA and Europe and deliver within 6 days.


Can we get our packages faster?

NS provides UPS express service from the US or Europe to Lebanon based on special requests. Rates are quoted on case by case basis.


Can we estimate the total cost of our order before purchasing?

Absolutely! Our Shopping Assistant will estimate and email the total charges from order value, shipping, clearance and customs duties so you can have a clear view before taking your decision of buying and shipping.


Can we track our packages?

All web stores normally provide tracking numbers for their shipments. Upon receiving packages at UCS center, you will be notified with an email alert notification informing you with the details of the received package.


How do we know the package arrived to Lebanon?

Upon arrival to Lebanon, you will receive a text message on your mobile number and a copy of your invoice on your email address containing all due charges.


Are packages charged on Dimensional or Actual Weight?

NS offers no dimensional weight up to 25kg. You will be charged on the actual weight of the package whose dimensional weight did not exceed the 25kg. Example, if your package weighs 1kg and has  dimensions of 40 x 40 x 40 cm (12.8kg dimensional) , you will be charged 1kg and not 12.8kg. Learn more


Does my NS account expire and do I have to pay a renewal fee?

NS accounts are activated free of charge and do not require renewals.


Do you offer repacking and can I hold my packages and choose which ones to ship?

All packages received by Friday will be shipped as received and delivered within the NS schedule. Please contact our team for further details.

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